Zipline Ghana Educates Sene West District Assembly on Their Operations.

Zipline Ghana, a medical drone delivery company, met with the Sene West District Assembly to educate them about their operations. The meeting was attended by representatives from Zipline Ghana and the Sene West District Assembly.

During the meeting, Zipline Ghana presented an overview of their drone delivery system and explained how it is used to deliver medical supplies to remote areas in Ghana. They also discussed their safety protocols and measures to ensure privacy and data protection.

The Sene West District Assembly expressed interest in supporting their operations to improve access to medical supplies in their district. They discussed the possibility of setting expanding the use of medical drones in the district.

Overall, the meeting was seen as a positive step towards improving healthcare access in the district. The Sene West District Assembly gained a better understanding of Zipline Ghana’s operations and expressed interest in collaborating with them to improve healthcare outcomes.

The meeting concluded with both parties expressing a desire to continue working together towards improving healthcare access in Ghana.

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