Successful Completion of NVTI Examination at Sene West District Assembly Organized by BAC

The Sene West District Assembly, recently conducted the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) Examination, aiming to enhance skill development and employment prospects in the community. The examination, held at the district assembly premises, saw enthusiastic participation from candidates eager to showcase their vocational proficiency. Spanning discipline such as sewing, the examination assessed both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The event underscores the commitment to promoting vocational education as a pathway to economic empowerment. Stakeholders anticipate the candidates’ seamless integration into the workforce or entrepreneurial endeavors upon receiving their results. This initiative not only signifies personal achievements for the examinees but also highlights the broader goal of building a skilled workforce and driving socio-economic progress in the district. The successful completion of the NVTI Examination reflects a shared vision of fostering a vibrant and resilient community founded on knowledge, skill, and opportunity.

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