Strengthening Nutrition Knowledge In Sene West District

Kwame Danso, Sene West District – In a proactive move to promote nutrition and enhance the quality of meals provided to students, a one-day orientation workshop was held at the District Hall in Kwame Danso. The workshop, conducted on July 20, 2022, targeted food vendors operating in schools and contractors/cateresses involved in the School Feeding Program in the Sene West District.

Key Highlights of the Workshop:

  1. Balanced Diet Education: The primary focus of the workshop was to provide comprehensive education on the importance of a balanced diet. Participants gained insights into the nutritional needs of school-going children and the significance of incorporating diverse food groups for their holistic development.
  2. Menu Planning and Diversification: The workshop emphasized the significance of varied and nutritionally rich menus. Food vendors and contractors were guided on effective menu planning to ensure that meals served are not only tasty but also nutritionally balanced.
  3. Hygiene and Food Safety Practices: Ensuring food safety and hygiene in the preparation and serving of meals is critical. Participants were trained on best practices to maintain cleanliness in kitchens, handle food safely, and prevent foodborne illnesses.
  4. Community Engagement: The workshop fostered community engagement by bringing together food vendors and contractors from various schools in Kwame Danso. This collaborative platform allowed for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and challenges faced in providing nutritious meals to students.
  5. Question and Answer Session: An interactive question and answer session provided participants with the opportunity to seek clarification on nutrition-related queries, share their experiences, and engage with the facilitators.

Mr. Godwin Amponsah, The District Environmental Health Officer stated:

“Our goal is to ensure that every child in our schools receives not only a tasty meal but one that contributes to their overall health and well-being. This workshop is a step toward achieving that goal by empowering food vendors and contractors with the knowledge they need.”

Commitment to Child Well-being:

The one-day orientation workshop reflects the Sene West District’s commitment to prioritizing the nutritional well-being of students. By empowering food vendors and School Feeding Program contractors with knowledge on balanced diets and best practices, the district aims to enhance the overall health and academic performance of its school-going children.

The Sene West District continues to invest in initiatives that promote the health, education, and holistic development of its youth.

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