Sene West IBES Team Initiates Fieldwork with Introduction to District Coordinator

On January 15, 2024, the Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES) team of Sene West, led by District Lead and Statistician Mr. Samuel Ampofo Gyamfi, commenced their fieldwork with a formal introduction to District Coordinator Mr. Braimah Sakuru.

The introductory session served to establish rapport and collaboration between the IBES team and the district coordinator, laying the groundwork for a successful survey endeavor. Mr. Gyamfi and his team shared insights into the objectives and methodologies of IBES 1, highlighting its significance in gathering vital economic data for informed decision-making and policy formulation.

Mr. Sakuru welcomed the IBES team, emphasizing the importance of their work in providing valuable insights into the economic landscape of the district. He pledged his full support and cooperation, underscoring the district’s commitment to facilitating a seamless and productive fieldwork process.

With mutual understanding and collaboration established, the IBES team set out to embark on their fieldwork, equipped with the necessary tools and enthusiasm to collect accurate and reliable data. Their efforts are poised to contribute significantly to the socioeconomic development agenda of Sene West District, ensuring that policies and interventions are informed by robust empirical evidence.

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