Sene West District Assembly Distributes Items to Persons With Disabilities in Partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development

The Sene West District Assembly in Ghana has recently undertaken a proactive initiative by disbursing essential provisions and monetary grants to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), as part of a concerted endeavor to bolster their well-being and socio-economic prospects. This distribution endeavor was executed in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, signifying a concerted partnership between local governance and social support structures.

The allocation of resources encompassed a range of items, including hearing aids, sewing machines, refrigerators, and pecuniary grants. The principal objective of this allocation was to empower PWDs towards self-sufficiency and thereby facilitate their meaningful participation in the socio-economic advancement of the district.

During the distribution event, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Sene West, Hon. John Nyarba, emphasized the strategic significance of endorsing PWDs through targeted interventions to enhance their livelihoods. The DCE underscored the assembly’s unwavering dedication to fostering an inclusive environment conducive to the growth of PWDs, while also urging the recipients to judiciously employ the allocated resources according to their intended purpose.

Furthermore, the DCE advocated for PWDs within the district to formally register with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development to avail themselves of the various social protection initiatives offered by the government.

Expressions of gratitude were shared by the beneficiaries during the distribution exercise, extolling the district assembly for its meaningful support. These beneficiaries keenly acknowledged the transformative potential of the disbursed items and financial grants, recognizing their role in positively altering their lives and livelihoods. Encouragement was extended to the district assembly to persist in its supportive endeavors for the betterment of PWDs within the locality.

The allocation of resources to PWDs in the Sene West District Assembly manifests a laudable commitment towards enhancing the welfare of this marginalized demographic. It serves as a poignant exemplar of the assembly’s earnest dedication to engendering an inclusive societal milieu wherein every constituent can flourish.

The recipients are poised to judiciously leverage the allocated resources and financial provisions, thereby contributing tangibly to the socio-economic progress of the district.

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