Regional Minister Engages Chiefs and Dangote Staff on Prospects of Dangote Sugar Factory in Sene West District.

The Regional Minister of Bono East, Hon. Kwasi Adu Gyan, coordinated a productive dialogue between traditional chiefs and representatives from Dangote Industries to discuss the upcoming Dangote Sugar Factory’s potential impact on the district. The meeting, held at the Sene West District Assembly, aimed to strengthen local partnerships and maximize the economic benefits of the project.

Key highlights of the dialogue included a focus on economic prosperity, with the Regional Minister highlighting the opportunities for job creation, increased revenue, and improved infrastructure that the sugar factory could bring. Sustainability was also a central topic, with discussions centered on ensuring the factory’s operations align with principles of sustainable development.

Representatives from Dangote Industries expressed their commitment to prioritizing local employment opportunities, which is expected to contribute positively to the district’s employment rate. Chiefs and community leaders stressed the importance of community engagement and open communication between Dangote Industries and the local population.

The dialogue also touched on potential collaborations for infrastructure improvement, such as road networks and utilities. Corporate social responsibility was emphasized, with the Regional Minister expecting Dangote Industries to engage in initiatives that directly benefit the community, such as investments in education and healthcare.

The session concluded on a positive note, with a shared sense of optimism and commitment to realizing the mutual benefits of the Dangote Sugar Factory for the Sene West District. The engagement between local leadership, corporate representatives, and government officials is poised to pave the way for economic growth and societal progress in the district.

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