Meeting of Stakeholders on the Fee-Fixing Resolution in 2022

The Sene West District Assembly organized the 2022 fee fixing resolution to consult all the stakeholders on the taxes/levies to be paid in the 2022 budget year. The meeting was held in accordance with the Local Government Act of 2016, (Act 936) and the 1992 constitution of Ghana that mandates the assembly to impose and collect taxes for purposes of development.

The District Coordinating Director stated that, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the Assembly and the general public, it is therefore prudent to ensure that levies/taxes due the assembly are collected in order to maintain the assembly’s stability and sound economy. He added that, despite the numerous achievements within the district, there are still more to be done and urged stakeholders to support the Assembly by contributing their quota.

The district budget analyst highlighted various developmental projects and programs the assembly has carried out with the public funds. He disclosed to the August house that since 2018, the assembly has maintained its tax rates and therefore seek to increase the taxes for the ensuing year. He encouraged the stakeholders to therefore make their own input to compile the fee fixing and abide by it accordingly.

In attendance were heads of department, artisans, community-based organizations, opinion leaders, traders’ association, farmers associations etc.

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