Distribution of Cashew Nursery to Farmers of Sene West District

The Sene West District Assembly has embarked on a program to promote cashew cultivation among farmers in the district. As part of this program, the district assembly has distributed cashew seedlings or nurseries to farmers in the district to encourage them to adopt cashew cultivation as a profitable agricultural activity.

The distribution of the cashew seedlings was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA). The program aims to increase cashew production in the district, create jobs for farmers, and promote economic growth.

During the distribution exercise, a total of 20,000 cashew seedlings were distributed to farmers in the district. The distribution exercise was done in two phases to ensure that all the beneficiaries received the seedlings. The distribution exercise was carried out at the district assembly premises and was overseen by District Chief Executive, Hon. John Nyarba, assembly officials and MOFA representatives.

Each beneficiary received a number of cashew seedlings and was trained on best practices for cashew cultivation. The training included information on land preparation, planting, weeding, pest and disease management, harvesting, and post-harvest management. The beneficiaries were also educated on the importance of cashew cultivation in boosting the local economy and reducing rural poverty.

The beneficiaries expressed their appreciation to the district assembly and MOFA for the support and pledged to adopt the best practices they learned during the training to ensure the success of their cashew farms. They also urged the government to continue providing support to the agricultural sector, especially in the form of seedlings, fertilizers, and other inputs.

The District Chief Executive, in his remarks, reiterated the commitment of the district assembly to support the agricultural sector and promote economic growth in the district. He encouraged the farmers to adopt cashew cultivation as a profitable activity and assured them of the assembly’s support in providing training, inputs, and market opportunities.

In conclusion, the distribution of cashew seedlings to farmers in the Sene West District is a laudable initiative that will promote economic growth and improve the livelihoods of farmers. The district assembly is expected to monitor the progress of the beneficiaries and provide additional support to ensure the success of the program.

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