2023 Regional Budget Hearing for Bono East Region

On October 17, 2023, the Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) of the Bono East Region convened for a pivotal Regional Budget Hearing. The event, integral to the 2023–2025 Composite Budget Preparation, was orchestrated to provide the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) with a platform to meticulously scrutinize and steer the MMDAs. The aim was to ensure that budget allocations resonated with governmental policies, programs, and adhered to the 2023–2025 Budget Guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Finance.

Representing the Sene West District Assembly at this crucial gathering was a formidable team spearheaded by the Honorable District Chief Executive, Hon. John K. Nyarba. Alongside him stood the District Coordinating Director, Mr. Braimah Sakuru, and the District Budget Analyst, Mr. Yakubu Andaani. Also present were esteemed Chiefs from both Wiase and Dwan Traditional Councils, Heads of Department, Assembly members, and various interest groups.

The focal point of the assembly was the presentation of the draft budget, artfully delivered by Mr. Yakubu Andaani, representing the District Chief Executive. He commenced by providing a succinct overview of the district’s profile, encompassing its performance in key sectors such as Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Infrastructure, Health, and Transportation, among others.

The gathering served as a crucible for deliberations and collaborations, aiming to harmonize fiscal plans with developmental imperatives. Through robust discussions and strategic insights, the MMDAs endeavored to craft a budget that not only mirrored the aspirations of the region but also charted a course for sustainable growth and progress.

As the curtains drew on the Regional Budget Hearing, the resonating message was one of collective endeavor and commitment towards sculpting a future imbued with prosperity and opportunity for all residents of the Bono East Region.

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